Thursday, May 29, 2008

Oregon Visit

Here in Oregon, where I'm visiting my parents for a few days, it's rainy and gray. Come on, whether gods! It's almost June! Oregon has great berries, and more generally great farming, but the seasons are a month later than in California.

Soon I will post some of the meals I've made over the past week. In the mean time, my parents' dinner last night deserves mention: penne pasta (boiled and drained), cooked in the wok with bell pepper (sauteed in olive oil first; from Mexico), white beans (from a can, drained), sun-dried tomatoes (from a jar, preserved in olive oil), canned whole tomatoes (with juice), dino kale (chopped, and stirred into the liquid to cook a few minutes; local), and a little hot sauce. One could also add anchovy (canned) to this fantastic winter dish.

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