Saturday, July 26, 2008

Three-bean salad with wild rice

Shelling beans are in season, which is phenomenal. Most people have only a few shelling beans fresh: peas, and perhaps edamame or fava. But all your favorite dried or canned beans were once fresh. At our markets, I've seen cannellini beans, cranberry beans, black-eyed peas, and garbanzos. All are very tasty. Shelling usually converts about a pound of beans into about a cup. Although edible raw, I prefer to boil the beans just a few minutes.

Shell a pound each of cranberry beans, cannellini beans, and garbanzos. Also thinly slice half a pound of clean carrots. Bring enough water to cover the veggies to a boil, and blanch the beans and carrots two minutes. Drain, and toss in a serving bowl with olive oil, salt, and fresh herbs.

We had our salad with wild rice. This delicious grain should be cooked in twice as much salted water until some of the seeds burst open; then the excess liquid should be drained off. Our dinner was the most gourmet rice-and-beans ever.

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