Monday, July 13, 2009

Salad with apples and blue cheese; new camera cable

Hello world! My boyfriend and I were in Oregon this weekend, where we stole an extra camera cable. I hope to start posting daily dinner updates. I also discovered that my camera was housing more than seven hundred photos, dating back to when I lost my cable on our January trip to Fiji and New Zealand. I hope to post some of those eventually too.

Tonight we were tired from the plane, and overheated from the summer. So we elected to have a dinner salad.

Included in the salad:
  • Apples from Berkeley Bowl (the Farmers' Market is not until tomorrow).
  • Bagged hearts of romain lettuce, from Earthbound Organics (also from Berkeley Bowl). Of the three heads, one was infested with little green bugs, and the other two were fine.
  • Wax beans, tips removed and blanched for two minutes and chilled in ice water, from Farmers' Market last week.
  • Blue cheese from Cheeseboard.
  • Torpedo onion, from Berkeley Bowl, macerated in:
  • Olive oil.
  • Juice of one lemon, from the tree of a friend of the mom of a friend of mine.
  • Salt.
We also had a loaf of sourdough bread from Acme.

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