Friday, December 18, 2009

Vegetarian mushroom-onion soup and fresh bread

Start the bread (flour, water, salt, yeast) first, of course, as it will need to rise. Shape the bread into baguettes, and roll in a mixture of poppy and caraway seeds. Bake 20-30 minutes, and let cool at least 10 before slicing open.

For the soup, we sauteed sliced onions with garlic, salt, and butter, and then added wine and water and brought everything to a boil with bay leaf and a tasty dried wild mushroom mix I received as a birthday present. After cooking the soup until the mushrooms were tender, we transferred it into oven-safe bowls, and covered the soup liberally with a mix of grated cheeses, including mostly mozzarella, which browns wonderfully. We broiled the soup until the cheese had browned, let the bowls cool slightly, and served the soup with the very fresh bread. If we had started the bread a bit earlier, we would have done the even more traditional thing of floating a slice of bread in each bowl before adding the cheese and broiling.

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