Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cooking in Spain: El mercado municipal

On our final full day in Almuñécar, we finally made it to the public market, where we should have been shopping all along. The mostly-indoor market occupies on city block, and is roughly half fish. The other half is mostly vegetables, with some meat stands, out-door flower vendors, and a "nutritional herb" stand mixed in. We bought swordfish steaks for 6.80€/kilo (under $4/lb), which I grilled while B made a fantastic garlic-green bean saute. We also made a fresh salsa of tomatoes and onions. While I'm on the topic of food prices, I should also give a shout-out to Spanish wines. I don't recommend that you put a lot of effort into finding them in the US — around here, you might as well drink Oregon or California, which make good wines and you don't have to pay shipping. But in Spain, the wines are great and mostly inexpensive.

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