Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cooking in Spain: Grilled zucchini and swordfish

We are in the slow process of sorting all our photos from Spain — eventually I will link here to a handful of Picasa slideshows. Making the work harder is the fact that we had two cameras, one of which was set to New Zealand time and the other to California time, and so the computer has failed to get the order of the pictures correct. Also making the task more difficult is that we took around three thousand photos: B averaged two hundred a day.

In the meantime, I'll start putting meals up here. After a few nights in Lisbon, we flew to Málaga, rented a car, and drove to Almuñécar, where we rented a house from a local Brit for a week. We arrived on a Sunday, so only the tiny British-Expat store was open, and we got supplies for pasta and tomato sauce. The following day we went to a real grocery store, where we found zucchini and amazingly-priced frozen swordfish.

The house we rented had fantastic views.

B and my mom prepped in the kitchen, while my sister and I fired up the gas grill on the roof patio.

We started with the zucchini. B had removed the ends and halved the fruits, and we brushed them in local olive oil and grilled them on both sides.

When I grill meat and veggies I like to do the veggies first, so that the grill is very hot for the meat. We brushed the fish with oil, salt-and-pepped it, and grilled it on both sides, rotating each piece partway through to get that wonderful cross-hatch look.

The house came with a cat named Billy, who enjoyed the scraps of fish we gave him. The family enjoyed the dinner as well. Not pictured is my father, taking the photo.

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