Thursday, October 1, 2009

Last night in Denmark

You can tell I did not learn to cook in a Thai kitchen. My dinner last night was some strange "Thai-Italian Fusion". Or, do they have coconuts in Italy? If so, I had an "Italian Coconut Curry".

I began by heating extra-virgin olive oil on medium-low, and sautéing garlic and a full bunch of green onions. When the garlic became pungent, I added lots of sliced white mushrooms, and cooked them until they started to droop and turn brown. Then I added ground ginger, red wine, red curry paste, a little soy sauce, and a can of coconut milk. When I had brought the liquids to a boil and dissolved the coconut fat, I added two ripe tomatoes, diced, and just as I was finishing a large bunch of basil, washed and stems removed.

I had the curry over rice — it was good, but needed a little salt. Then I realized that I had a plate of grated cheese in the fridge that I would have to throw away today. As it turns out, grated cheese goes excellently on Italian curry. The wine pairing could have been better: I was finishing off an old bottle of Australian Syrah that hadn't been particularly great when I first opened it, either. But not awful, and now my cupboards are bare.

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