Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ravioli with butternut squash and hazelnuts

I was utterly exhausted on Monday, so my boyfriend nicely did all the dinner prep and all the dishes. The ravioli filling included butternut squash (peel, remove seeds, and bake with a little salt and oil about 45 minutes, then mash), Oregon hazelnuts (chop fine), Locatelli pecorino Romano (grate fine), and ricotta. The sauce was mostly butter, with garlic, white wine, thyme, and frozen peas. My boyfriend is amazing.

Medical note: As my boyfriend found out first hand, so to speak, the skin of butternut and acorn squash can cause contact dermatitis. (His was very mild, and went away with some washing — and we've each peeled squash before without problems.)


Anonymous said...

Looks delicious.
How much total time do you usually take for a meal, with prep, cooking, serving, enjoying, and clean up? It looks like you're taking the slow food approach?
-Thanks for posting, I'm always inspired. Denmark looked kind of cold and wet, btw.

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful meal!