Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Poached halibut, wheat berry, and chard with walnuts

Collect fennel tops until you have a full freezer bag. Cover fennel with water and bring to a boil. Let cook a while to extract the juices. Then add one pound halibut (scrape off any last scales) and poach ten or so minutes. Remove halibut from the broth, take off the skin, and cut in two.

Combine one cup wheat berry with 2.5 cup water and some salt. Add two sprigs rosemary as a bouquet garni. Bring to a boil and reduce to a simmer, and cook covered about an hour, until the water has cooked off (check occasionally that the grains aren't burning). Mix in a Tbsp butter.

Ladle a few spoonfuls of boiling fennel-water over a small bowl of currants to plump. Shell walnuts. Heat a dry wok and toast the walnuts a few minutes; remove to a bowl. Cool the wok with a splash of white wine (we had some leftover from the previous night), and then add olive oil. Sauté three cloves garlic, cut into small pieces (Catalan Farm has amazing garlic right now, very fresh), and move to the bowl with the walnuts, reserving the oil for more cooking. Then add the currants, drained, and sauté a minute or two. Remove the currants and sauté stems of a bunch of rainbow chard. Then add the leaves of the chard and some white wine and some fennel juice to steam. When the chard has wilted, drain the excess liquid and mix in the currants, walnuts, and garlic, and a little salt.

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