Tuesday, February 2, 2010

First day back in Berkeley: parsley pesto

The overnight train from Eugene to Berkeley is fun, provided you have a sleeping car, which, when split between two people, is about the price of a full-price plane ticket. We arrived in Emeryville around 8am, and, after dropping off bags, I left for a full-day (indeed, full-week) conference on campus. B stayed home and spent most of the day unpacking and making a quick trip to Berkeley Bowl for essentials.

We didn't want an elaborate dinner, being tired from the trip, the unpacking, and the conference. Moreover, we were looking forward to Farmers' Market the next day, and so didn't want lots of supermarket produce. Fortunately, we had plenty of boxes of pasta, and the parsley in the garden had gone crazy over the break.

There's something decadent about having garden pesto in January. But that's California. The Cuisinart — did I mention we got a Cuisinart for Christmas — made short shrift of the pesto.

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