Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pan-fried snapper, mashed potatoes, and steamed kale

For the fish, we mixed flour, salt, and paprika in shallow bowl, and breaded the fish lightly on each side. Then we sauteed it in olive oil. The kale was steamed. We diced the potatoes and boiled them until soft; after draining, we mashed them with parsley butter. We plated in the kitchen, and served the meal with wedges of lemon and a pinot gris from Firefly.


Anonymous said...

-What kind of pan did you use for the fish?
I have a cast iron pan, but I hesitate to use it for fish, lest everything cooked after becomes fish-flavored? Can you use a cast iron pan for fish? Stainless steel?

Theo said...

We tend to do most of our cooking on B's old teflon pan, saving the cast irons. Of course, teflon, or whatever the teflon-like non-stick coating is, is probably not something good to use all the time, but it's habit, and it does clean up quickly.

Growing up, we used the stainless steel for fish and for anything that would be cooked in water for parts of the time. The cast-iron should be used for when you're cooking in saturated fat (butter, bacon, etc.).