Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fried catfish with cooked cole slaw and tartar sauce

For the "slaw", slice in the food processor and combine leeks, cabbage, and carrots, in a medium pot with some butter. Add also some salt, vinegar, and beet greens. Stew covered over low, stirring occasionally.

For the tartar sauce, mash garlic with salt in the mortar and pestle, and combine with one egg yolk and a tsp water. Slowly dribble in 1/2 cup olive oil, whisking all the time. Then add some chopped capers to the mayonnaise.

For the fish, first make sure to take out any bones (we had bought a single whole pan-ready cat-fish, but then filleted it). Prepare a breading of flour, salt, and paprika. Coat the fish in the flour mixture, then dip in egg yolk, and then coat in flour again. In a non-stick pan, heat a mixture of olive and vegetable cooking oils, until a drop of batter starts to sizzle. Fry the fish on each side until golden.

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