Saturday, February 16, 2008

Bok choy with pine nuts and manderins

Having had a take-out snack of olive-and-potato gratin, I wanted a small second-dinner of most veggies.

In the wok I heated a small amount of olive oil with salt and a handful of pine nuts, stirring regularly to roast the pine nuts evenly. When the pine nuts started to darken, I removed the wok from heat.

Meanwhile, I removed the outermost leaves from three small bok choy, and separated the remaining leaves (discarding the core) and washed them in the colander. When the pine nuts were done, I added the wet bok choy leaves (kept whole) to the wok, returned to heat, covered, and let the greens steam.

We had one Murcott manderine left from our Farmers' box last week, but I'll get more at Market tomorrow. So I peeled the orange and removed the white strings, and then sliced the ten wedges each in half. I added these and a small splash of soysauce to the wok and cooked uncovered until everything was hot and most of the water had evaporated from the bottom.

I ended up with a completely delicious, tangy stir-fry.

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