Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Stir fry with peanuts and greens

Although we get beautiful new produce every Wednesday, I rarely get to enjoy it immediately. I usually have some produce left from previous days, and I make myself eat up the older stuff first.

For today's dinner, I heated some vegetable oil at the bottom of a wok, along with aniseed, cumin seed, and diced green onion. While that sauteed, I washed and chopped the greens from a bunch of tokyo turnips and a bunch of yellow beats. I added a large handful of peanuts to the oil, and coated, and then added the greens along with some soy sauce. Cooking on high and stirring constantly, I cooked off most of the liquid and wilted the greens. Then I removed the stir-fry from heat, stepped outside briefly to see if I could see the lunar eclipse (there were clouds), and then tossed the stir-fry with some sesame oil and sat down to eat.

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