Saturday, February 16, 2008

Valentine's Day

My boyfriend, an incredible sweetie, made dinner for me last night. He started by heating water for mushroom risotto, making a very tasty risotto-from-a-box (instant rice with mushroom sauce). Then he washed, capped, and cored two sweet red peppers (organic, from Mexico), being careful to keep the sides intact, and removed the very bottoms, so they would lie flat. These he coated inside-and-out with salt and olive oil, and roasted under the broiler, rotating regularly. While these were going, he steamed broccolini (organic, from Mexico) and tossed with lemon and salt. When the peppers were done, he submerged them briefly in cold water, and carefully peeled off the outer skin, then stuffed the peppers with the finished risotto. Best of all, he brought wild-caught salmon, which he coated with a mustard-and-brown-sugar (Grey Poupon and organic sugar from Trader Joe's) glaze, broiling for ten minutes or so, until the fat rendered. Topping off the dinner was a nice champagne. Everything was extremely simple and tasty and cooked to perfection — that boy knows exactly what kind of food I like.

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