Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cabbage with apples, Sausage with beans

Last night's seitan sausage is especially good sautéed in olive oil. Add a little dried oregano to the oil for good measure, and chop the sausage into pieces. I had set a large pot of dried cannellini beans, along with a bay leaf and a few black pepper corns, soaking last night, and boiled an hour or two upon arriving home (never cook beans in salted water; it toughens the skins). Once the sausage had sautéed a little, I added the beans and some salt to the pan and cooked on medium-high, stirring constantly, until the beans started to brown slightly with the tasty oil-and-bean-starch cake on the bottom of the pan.

We will be getting vegetables tomorrow, and the refrigerator is almost out. For some green food, I washed, cored, and diced a granny-smith apple and half a green cabbage. These went in a sauce-pan-with-well-fitting-lid, along with a healthy splash of lemon juice and a small squeeze of red wine. (When cooking vegetables with an acid, it's generally best to put the acid in the pan first, and add the veggies as soon as they have been cut, even if you will not cook them right away. This controls oxidization, keeping the apples green, and keeping, e.g., onions from emitting too much eye-watering aromatic.) A small handful of salt and ten minutes on high with the lid on cooks the cabbage.

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