Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hiking on Mt Tam

We planned a hike and dinner picnic on Mt Tam, aiming to end up in the Potrero Meadow. Instead, we got lost, and found ourselves at the ruins of the Mill Valley Air Force Station. It's rather disturbing to go hiking and discover that after only a mile you are surrounded by the foundations of long-burnt out buildings, and that it is not marked on your map at all.

After finding our way back to the trailhead, we took a one-mile jog up the neighboring fire trail, and then drove to the Forbes Bench, where we knew we'd have a good view. The sun was setting, and the clouds had rolled in off the Pacific.

The dinner consisted of a rice salad, with red onions, green olives, feta, oregano, parsley, fresh garbanzo beans, and a lemon-tahini dressing. I liked it a lot, but my boyfriend is less of a fan of rice salad. We started the dinner with garden cherry tomatoes, paired the dinner with a light Merlot, and finished with chocolate-covered almonds from Berkeley Bowl.

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