Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Picnic, pizza, and pie

It's our last night in Oregon. Tomorrow we drive to Klamath for a night in the Redwoods National Park, and after that one night in Fort Bragg before returning to Berkeley. Both hotels have kitchens, so we should have plenty of pictures for you. For now, a brief photo show (as always, click for larger versions):

On the drive up we stopped in Castle Crags State Park for a nice picnic by a river. A bird was diving for something while we ate.

My parents make fantastic pies. These are blackberries that we had picked that morning, growing wild in Alton Baker Park. The previous day we had also picked many pounds of blueberries and made those into pies as well.

Tonight we made pizza. My boyfriend took pictures while my sister and I put on the finishing touches.

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