Friday, August 27, 2010

Hiking in Sibley Volcanic Regional Park

We've often hiked in Tilden Regional Park, the beautiful public park up the hill from Berkeley, and we have occasionally hiked into Wildcat, the park one step north of Tilden. But, living in Berkeley, it's easy to forget that Tilden and Wildcat are only two of many wonderful East Bay Regional Parks. In particular, almost the entire ridge, whether it is the top of the Berkeley, Oakland, or other-town Hills, is parkland.

Needing a walk one afternoon in July, we took the nature trail in Sibley. It was almost equal to Tilden in beauty, and comparatively deserted. Here's a short slide-show from the hike, or click it to go to the web-album:

After the hike, we came home and made pizza with tomatoes, mushrooms, and arugula.

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