Sunday, April 18, 2010

Butternut squash lasagna

Begin by preparing all the components of the lasagna. Make a hearty pasta dough with semolina flour, egg, and a little salt and water, and roll it pretty thin and hang to dry. Meanwhile, halve and deseed a butternut squash, and set it baking face-down in a little olive oil in the oven. In the food processor, first make a "pesto" of hazelnuts and fresh sage (and maybe some garlic). Then combine the cheeses: shredded mozzarella, grated asiago, and ricotta. Bring a large pot of salt water to a boil, and cook the lasagna noodles one at a time, as needed, for just one minute each.

Assemble the lasagna in layers as you always would, letting the noodles hang over the sides of the pan. When you are done, trim away the excess noodles. If you like, you should also make a quick bechamel sauce — heat butter and whisk in some flour to cook, then whisk in milk, salt, and nutmeg to the desired consistency — and pour over the lasagna. Bake about an hour.

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Lasagna Recipe said...

You just gave me the perfect idea on what to cook for my kids this weekend. They simply love lasagna, and since they're inviting their friends over, I wanted to make their favorite dish a bit different this time. And butternut squash looks like the best way to do it! Thanks!